Spawning a New Era in Electrofishing Through Innovation and Engineering


Midwest Lake Electrofishing Systems is proud to offer the Infinity XStream, the only backpack electrofisher with 2 interchangeable power sources. The custom designed 440w Honda powered 4-stroke generator and the Lithium smart 24v 19.2 amp-hr battery will keep you running strong. You can purchase either power source or both.

Our backpack electrofisher is hands-down the most powerful unit in the industry. With nearly 500 watts of average power, you can now sample the upper and lower extremes of conductivities and everything in between. This is all accomplished without the equipment overheating!

The Infinity XStream backpack electrofisher has the ability to save and recall up to 8 favorite settings each with a unique waveform type, frequency, duty cycle, and voltage. The system comes complete with a durable anode pole (0.125″ wall) with integrated safety switch and cathode rattail, both of which possess industrial grade 1/4 turn bayonet connectors. The composite military grade backpack frame used by U.S. Special Operations Forces features fully adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt with quick release buckles.

The digital display & metering features peak watts, volts, and amps as well as a user-friendly interface to customize settings and monitor performance.

At Midwest Lake Electrofishing Systems, we keep safety our highest priority. Our backpack electrofisher has an emergency shutdown switch as well as anode out-of-water and unit immersion sensors. The tilt sensor has 3 levels of sensitivity (angle inclination) from which to choose, and it can be deactivated. Enunciator settings have unique tones for each waveform type and the volume is fully adjustable including deactivation. The in-use LED indicators lights have unique flashing patterns for each waveform type, and our built-in megohmmeter allows the user to safely check waders and gloves for leaks.




>> Modern Electrofishing technology

  • Automatic voltage range shift for 5 ranges of voltage
  • High voltage soft starts
  • Advanced circuitry protection for overloading and short circuits

>> 500+ watt average power, 1200 volt max, 40 amp max

>> Waveforms – square wave

  • DC – continuous & pulsed / gated bursts
  • AC – simple / AC nerve

>> Precision adjustments for voltage (± 1 V), frequency (± 1 Hz), & duty cycle (± 1%)

>> Single or dual channel capable

>> Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort

Download our full Backpack Electrofisher spec sheet here