When it comes to boat mounted electrofishing, we have you covered with our diverse product line and customizing capabilities. Our Elite Series electrofishing boats are designed primarily for biologists that experience high-use situations or sample larger water, and this series is our best seller. The Elite Series is offered in a variety of bow designs and hull thicknesses, and we customize them to best fit your needs. Our Economy Line of electrofishing boats is a great choice for biologists that sample smaller interior rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Retrofitted electrofishing boats are for biologists already owning a boat that want to switch over to our electrofishing equipment, or for those who just want to refurbish their existing boat.

We design all of our boats to be multi-purpose. Unless specified, the safety rail on the bow is removable, which means you can quickly remove it and the electrofishing booms to use your boat for other purposes.

We have a team of highly qualified biologists, electrical engineers, and fabricators that focus primarily on electrofishing and fish sampling. We do things correctly, and we do things with safety and durability in mind- not to mention that our equipment is the most technologically advanced and easiest to use in the industry. We don’t cut corners and cobble things together to save a buck. Our customer service is top-notch so if a problem arises you can expect us to rapidly assist you. We not only manufacturer our equipment, but we use it daily so you can rely on our practical experience.

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