We understand that an industrial grade electrofishing boat is not necessary for everyone. Smaller state agencies, pond management companies, private ranches, and environmental consultants often need a smaller, yet safe and practical solution. Because of this need, we developed the Economy Electrofishing Boat. They are slightly narrower and are crafted from lighter gauge materials than their commercial counterparts, but they are still safe, reliable, and extremely functional. These boats are all-welded and multipurpose like their Elite Series cousins, and we are still able to customize them to fit your needs. Base packages include a 16′ hull, a trailer, the Infinity Control Box, Honda powered generator, all high voltage wiring, booms, and anode systems.


VaTech Pond Electrofisher 1648 B
VaTech Pond Electrofisher 1648 A
USFWS IN Electrofish Boat 1656B
USFWS IN Electrofish Boat 1656A
TX Pond Boat Electrofish 1656G
TX Pond Boat Electrofish 1656F
TX Pond Boat Electrofish 1656E
TX Pond Boat Electrofish 1656D
TX Pond Boat Electrofish 1656C
TX PondBoat Electrofish 1656B
TX Pond Boat Electrofish 1656A
MU River Jet Electrofisher 1752 B
MU River Jet Electrofisher 1752 A