Since 2006, our custom electrofishing boats continue to spread throughout the U.S. The reason is simple—we are easy to work with and our products are first class. We are also a one-stop shop, so working with us saves you valuable time and effort. Our boats are custom-designed, which means you get what you want. Some of our options include hulls from 16-24’; hull thicknesses from 0.125-0.250”; sides from 24-36”; hulls with flat bottoms, semi-V’s, or 6-12 degree V’s; traditional or tunnel hulls; tiller, side console, or center console; various motors; custom built trailers; depth finders and radar; interior paint choices; and a multitude of custom options such as storage lockers, livewells, LED lighting systems, etc.

When considering the electrofishing equipment, you will be impressed with our technology and options such as the Infinity or Infinity HC-80 control boxes. You can keep it simple and use push-out booms or go with our swinging boom design. You can choose from either our plate, expandable or snagless anode arrays. Our MLES Plug and Go system makes hooking up the electrofishing equipment a breeze, and all of our plugs and wiring are minimally IP68 rated. We also offer several choices of Honda generators to best suit your needs including the super-quiet Honda inverter generators.


V bottom Batwings Plate
V bottom Batwings Plate
V bottom Batwings Plate
Tunnel Hull Jet
Tunnel Hull Jet
Tunnel Hull Jet
Stern Batwings
Prep for Paint
Pair of Aces
23' Lake Huron USFWS MI
20ft V twin 90s Alabama DNR
20' Twin Outboards Radar Lake Erie OH
20' Plate V Hull USFWS WI
20' Plate Boat
20' Lake Erie OH
18' Standard MA
18' Plate Boat Tandem Axle Bad River
18' LED Lights Qtr inch Bottom Ashland WI
18' Flat Hull
18' Flat Bow Snagless Anodes GSU
18' Custom Lighting Arizona
18' Center Console MNDNR
17' Jet Pennsylvania
16' Removable Livewell System Puerto Rico
16' Flat Bow Eng Firm GA
16' Flat Bow Eng Firm GA
16' Chopped V Center Console Oak Ridge TN
16' Chopped V Bow Flat Bottom Pivot Booms VaTech
16' Basic Flat Bottom Push Booms Plate Anode FL
16' AL Aquarium & Pond Service Graphics Wrap