Infinity Series Electrofishing Control Boxes by MLES

Designed by biologists for biologists, The Infinity Series control boxes are the most versatile electrofishers in the industry. To best suit your sampling and standardization needs, we currently offer two models that encompass a wide range of sampling conductivities.

Our flagship electrofisher, the Infinity Box, is capable of delivering 40 peak amps and an industry leading 1200 volts. The Infinity Box is quite simply the best all-around electrofisher in the profession due in part to its overall flexibility and ability to operate over a wide range of freshwater conductivities, particularly in the moderate to lower spectrum.

The Infinity HC-80 is a mirror of the original except that is capable of producing 600 volts and an impressive 80 peak amps, which makes it the ideal choice for biologists routinely sampling in higher conductivities.

Our equipment can be used with most conventional 240 volt generators with an isolated neutral. You can also use the extremely quiet, inverter style generator when paired with our IGS system.

Aside from differences in voltage and amperage capabilities, the two models share the same control functions, physical characteristics, connectors, and innovative features. Interchangeability has never been more convenient.

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You Wanted A Change… Thanks to input from biologists across North America, You Got It.

Both models are compact, lightweight, and include:

  • Externally mounted fuses for quick access.
  • Large, ergonomic plugs for fast, fool-proof connections.
  • A weatherproof chassis which meets IP68 ratings, and
  • A control panel designed for easy viewing and operation from a variety of positions.

The intuitive user-interface makes adjustments a breeze while allowing for discrete, precision control of waveform characteristics such as frequency, duty cycle and voltage.

Both control boxes offer unmatched waveform generation. Fish with our commonly used square-wave, pulsed DC or choose and create: smooth DC, standard AC, rectified AC or pulsed AC.

No matter your preferred settings, the Infinity Series boxes are simple and easy to use for routine sampling or advanced research applications.

Our metering is extremely accurate and easy to view day or night. You receive real-time displays of voltage, amperage, and power. You know exactly what you’re putting in the water. Standardizing your samples has never been easier.

Changing voltage ranges is performed automatically similar to an automatic transmission in a vehicle. This eliminates the risk of damaging your equipment by accidentally flipping a switch while electrofishing. Range shifts occur as you signal for more voltage while nearing a voltage range transition point. If you prefer to operate within a voltage range without shifting, you can easily set a voltage ceiling to prevent a shift from occurring.

The system info display keeps track of your chosen waveform attributes, resettable fishing time, total use on box, software revisions, and provides pertinent messages should issues arise such as a dead short or system overload. Our control boxes also monitor the incoming voltage and frequency produced by your generator, which is an extremely nice feature for troubleshooting.

Our software allows you to create, store, and recall up to 8 different electrofishing presets. Each preset simultaneously captures the type of waveform, frequency, duty cycle and voltage being used.

Without a generator, the internal battery allows you to recall and view your last fishing settings. In this mode, you can also test for continuity on your safety switch pad or pedal.

Our software driven design allows us to quickly and continually improve our products based on feedback from biologists. We do listen, and we do continually improve, which further sets us apart. You’ll be impressed by our practical knowledge and high level of customer service.

The Infinity Series control boxes are all-in-one systems. They can be used interchangeably on multiple platforms: boats, push barges, electro-anesthesia, and test tanks.

If you are truly passionate about your job and want to collect the most robust data possible, then you owe it to yourself and the fisheries you manage to use the Infinity series control boxes. They will safely catch more fish and make you a better biologist. We look forward to working with you.