THE INFINITY BOX — Electrofishing Control Box from Midwest Lake

The Infinity Box. The name says it all. The flexibility in power outputs and waveform generation is unparalleled. The Infinity electrofishing control box incorporates the best technology in the marketplace with its “Intelli-Shock” capabilities and safety features, producing maximum outputs of 12,000 watts, DC and AC capabilities, and more control over frequency and duty cycle than you’ve ever experienced. The Infinity Box is lightweight, watertight, user-friendly and packs a lot of punch. Our team of biologists, electrical engineers, and physicists listened to your needs, and we’re proud to be able to offer this industry changing technology.

The MLES Infinity Control Box has been engineered to meet the boat-mounted electrofishing needs of most freshwater environments. It is designed to be used with any commercially available 60 Hz, 240 volt AC generator that has an isolated case neutral. The size of the generator can range from 2,500 to 9,000 watts depending on the power requirements needed by the end user for effective sampling. The Infinity Control Box should never be connected directly to 240 VAC available from your facility’s breaker panel. Generally, the impedance is too low and the resulting current surges will damage the electrofishing unit.

The Infinity Control Box uses the latest electronic hardware and software and features Intelli-Shock© technology to allow for the simplest and safest operation. This modern technology includes many safeguards to ensure longevity of the box, advanced overload protection, and automatic voltage range shifting capabilities. The Infinity Control Box is also comprised of many water resistant components and splash resistant features to maintain operation in harsh conditions.


  • Intelli-Shock Technology
    • Automatic voltage range shifting
    • High voltage soft starts
    • Software protection for internal circuitry & overloading
  • Digital Metering
    • Peak watts, volts, amps
    • Duty cycle, frequency, fishing time, input voltage
  • Cooling via convection with large external heat sink
  • Powered by commercially available generators including super-quiet inverter models
  • Water resistant design
  • Data recall when unit is powered down


Input Voltage 240 Volt AC 60 Hz
Output Range AC 0 -7200 watts (may be pulsed)
Output Range DC V 0 -12000 watts (pulsed square wave)
Output Voltage AC 0 -240 V , 30A RMS
Output Voltage DC 0 -1100 V (300V@40A, 600V@20A, 1100V@10A)


Download our full Infinity Box Spec Sheet Download our full Infinity Operation Guide