Stealth Mini-Boat Tote Barge System

The Stealth mini boat electrofishing system is a rugged fish sampling platform for use in streams, swamps and back water habitats.

This boat is extremely well-built and tough. It’s crafted from 0.125 marine-grade aluminum, and all of the seams are double welded. Within the hull of the boat, we’ve welded internal bracing to provide extra strength and to serve as a platform to mount the generator.

Strakes welded on the bottom add to the structural integrity and durability of the Stealth.
Brackets and racks are incorporated to secure key components such as either of the Infinity series control boxes.
Grab rails on each gunnel can be used as lifting devices for transport or to secure additional gear. A drain hole on the stern is also provided.

The bottom of the boat serves as the cathode, so it remains uncoated, but the rest of the hull is coated with a resilient, non-conductive polymer.

Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout. We’ve cut no corners. All electrical junction boxes are waterproof. Easy-to-grip, ergonomic plugs ensure quick connections.

The base model includes three anode receptacles; however, we can customize to meet your needs. Heavy duty electrical cords with protective coverings are standard.

The Stealth mini boat includes anode poles with integrated safety switches and floated, UV stable, water proof cabling. We offer a variety of anodes such as ring from your choice of aluminum or stainless steel as well as aluminum diamond anodes. The adjustable and removable handle bar also has a switch for added safety.

A heavy-duty eyelet welded on the bow can be used to tow the barge or attach anode cable strain reliefs.

Some additional options that you may choose include extension cords- to get you from twenty……to forty…….up to sixty feet away, and a variety of live wells.

Given the quality of construction of this boat, the hull only weighs 134 pounds. Within the boat, we’ve provided two uncoated areas for cathode connection and generator bond.

We’ve designed the Stealth with mobility in mind. It easily fits in the bed of most trucks. Because of the length to width ratio, the boat is extremely stable in the water. Fully loaded, the Stealth only drafts 3 1/2 inches of water.

We specifically engineered and fabricated the Stealth mini boat for you, the professional, hardcore biologist that demands quality and durability day in and day out.


  • Hull crafted from 0.125″ marine grade aluminum. Double welded seams.
  • Tapered design fits easily in the back of short bed pick-up trucks.
    • 73.5″ L, 48.5″ W at stern beam, 45″ W at stern bottom, 15″ H to gunwales.
  • 95 lbs empty weight. Drafts 2-3″ fully loaded.
  • Ice runners (strakes) welded-in for better handling & hull protection.
  • Generator tie-down brackets & support bracing with drainage slots.
  • Rack for mounting & stabilizing electrofishing equipment.
  • Safety switch integrated into push handle.
  • Equipped with gunwale grab rails; bow & stern handles.
  • Drainage hole with plug.
  • Coated with protective, non-conductive bed liner except bottom (cathode).
  • Customizable for 2, 3, or 4 anode users.
  • Heavy duty anode poles with integrated safety switches and 20′ floating cables.
  • Extension cables with waterproof interlock system are available.
  • All hardware is 300 series stainless steel.
  • Many generator and livewell options.

Download the full Stealth Mini-Boat Spec Sheet CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RECON MINI-BOAT